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Beautiful and Evergreen, this chikankari and bandhani saree on pure georgette comes in a beautiful shaded pink and yellow colour. Interplay of grid and floral bandhani motifs across the body of the saree, chikankari too comes in a traditional design of flowers,...
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Prussian Blue Banarasi Bandhani Saree

Rs. 40,600.00 Rs. 58,000.00

This prussian blue Banarasi Bandhani Saree on pure georgette is unique for its intricately woven zari design. The Bandhani too is a traditional shikari jaal design that complements the woven parts of the saree. The saree is ready to ship....
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Banarasi Bandhani Saree - White Red

Rs. 51,200.00 Rs. 64,000.00

This is a beautiful and classic white light Meenakari Banarasi Bandhani saree which comes with intricately hand crafted Bandhani in geometric motifs across its palla and body.  The saree comes with its own blouse piece. The blouse as on the...
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Beautiful coloured bandhani gharchola saree in a classic jet black. This saree can never go out of style, suits every season.  The saree comes with its own blouse piece. The blouse as on the model is suggestive. This saree is...
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