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Beautifully handcrafted, this bright red Meenakari Banarasi Bandhani Saree is flanked with carefully handwoven motifs in Resham, of parrots and full bloom flowers. The colour combination is unique and bright, making its an heirloom piece that boasts of high craftsmanship....
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Beautiful Meenakari Saree in a lovely blue colour is flanked by colourful Resham motifs in shapes of paisleys. The boarder is colourful, unique and bold giving the saree a finished looked.  The colours of the Resham weaves a celebratory making...
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Meenakari Bandhani Saree in a Lovely Red

Rs. 84,000.00 Rs. 120,000.00

Beautiful and Evergreen - this Meenakari Banarasi Bandhani Saree comes with beautiful Resham weaving of birds and animals. The different colours add vibrancy and the base colour of red too is bright.  Perfect to wear for Diwali, Weddings or Reception. ...
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Floral Muga Silk Saree in Green

Rs. 69,600.00 Rs. 87,000.00

This gorgeous muga silk Banarasi Bandhani saree boasts of a beautiful colour amalgamation of Resham woven flowers. The woven triangle patterned border gives the saree an edgy look. The saree is light weighted, perfect to be worn from morning to...
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